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Karl’s tips for Life in Lockdown (Part 2)

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A couple of weeks ago, Karl from our Peer Advocacy group shared his tips for lockdown. The national lockdown has since been lifted but Bristol is now in Tier 3. For a lot of us it feels like we are still in lockdown so Part 2 could not come any sooner!

If you want to learn about what Tier 3 means for you please read this Easy Read Summary created by #LDSpeechies. Over to you now Karl!


Another useful thing to do during these times is cook. As a family we have set a number of days aside to embark on some adventures in the kitchen. The most ambitious of these was a lasagne made entirely from scratch – even down to making the pasta! I also learned how to use the BBQ and made some delicious burgers! If you want to, go online or reach for your recipe books and get cooking. You may be surprised as to what you can come up with!

DIY and Family Time

I think that the pandemic and the restrictions have made us all evaluate our lives. From my own personal view – it has brought us as a family closer together as we have kept ourselves busy with a number of DIY projects, such as decorating both bathrooms and also repainting a number of doors in our home. We also painted our sheds and fences with wood preserver so that they are ready for the coming winter. By completing these DIY projects together as a family and working together as a team it has served to maintain our mental health by keeping us busy.

In my opinion it is keeping busy that will best protect our mental health.  I believe that it has been proven that there is a link between having good mental health and having good physical health.

Just Catch Your Breath!

Another thing we can do to maintain our mental health is to find time to take a few moments to ourselves and just stop for a moment to catch our breath.

Looking to the future….

To finish off this blog post, I would like to share some of my plans for the future. Once the pandemic has finished, I am looking forward to going traveling around the country by train as I am a huge railway enthusiast. Before lockdown I was traveling to some of the most historic and interesting places in the South West and South Wales like Swansea and Dorchester.

I am also looking forward to continuing some of the things I started during lockdown such as the walks and making more delicious meal in the kitchen. One of the other things I am planning to do are to try out new things such as starting martial arts. To that end I am considering starting kick boxing which I hope will help to build up my fitness.     

Thank you Karl!

We would like to thank Karl for writing such a wonderful blog! If you would like to write a piece for our blog please contact Hannah at

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