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Catalyst Digital Discovery Program (Wk1)

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This week saw the official Kick off of the Catalyst Definition Programme.

We had already had a welcome session back in January, where all the charities were welcomed to the program before being put into their cohorts. I remember it was busy meeting with nearly 200 people on the Zoom meeting. It was good to see some familiar faces from our discovery program. 

Prior to this week we had filled a questionnaire to assess our readiness for the program and I had met 1 to 1 with Laura from We Are Open who reassured me that WECIL were in a good place following the Discovery program and further into our journey than some of the other charities. 

On Tuesday, we had our first proper session with We Are Open and our Cohort of 10 Charities. 

It was really interesting to meet such a wide range of charities from all over the country. Ranging from Youth organisations, Arts groups, Volunteering, Church groups, Citizens Advice and a group in Hull that work with kids through Hip Hop music.  I look forward to learning from and sharing ideas from these other charities which is a big part of this program.  

Laura introduced Doug and Bryan the other members of We are Open who will be working with us during the program. We also met  Joe, our OWL (Open Working Line-up) who is part of a team of designers helping Catalyst funded charities work in the open and reuse existing tools and technologies, more of this later.

We were shown a ‘Notion page’, which is a web page that has been set up as one place to keep all the notes and links for this project.

The Transition from Discovery to Definition.

We then talked about the transition from the Discovery phase into the Definition phase. 

In the Discovery phase we opened our eyes to the potential of the digital world and now we are going to try to define what we want to do. Which I think is brilliantly summed up in this Picture by Bryan who is going to create pictures throughout our journey to illustrate what we are doing

Image for postBy Visual Thinkery is licenced under CC-BY-ND

Mapping your Problem


We then moved on to Mapping our problem. 

Starting with creating a stakeholder map. 

This is an exercise where you list all of you stakeholders and consider how interested and how involved they will be with the project. This exercise then informs you as to how best manage your stakeholders during the project.  

We used a Jamboard which is a digital notice board where you can stick digital post it notes and move them around. 

Audience Analysis 

People Sitting on Gang Chairs

On Thursday we learnt about User Analysis – who uses our online digital platforms and how. We also talked about how we can use data to tell stories and shape our thinking when embarking on digital transformation.

We looked into tools, such as Google Analytics and the use of Data Models.  Data Models will differ depending on what information you are trying to gather, the Data model ensures that the right data is collected and connected, so that the information in your analyses, reports is correct and reliable.

 As a result of the session I contacted WECIL’s Web Developer and they are supporting us to use Google Analytics to better understand how people use our new website. 

In order to do this we will need to develop our own Data model, but I do not think that will be for this week!

15th February to 19th of February 2021 – Matt Young

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