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Catalyst Digital Discovery Program (Wk 3)

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Playback Templates & P2P reviews

Black Cassette Tape on Top of Red and Yellow Surface

Even Though this is only the start of Week 3 of a 10 Week program we have already covered a lot. So it was really good to be given a Playback template where we can record everything we have done in one place. Essentially it will become a Slide Show of everything we have done in the Definition program and will be a really useful tool when applying for future funding and finding a digital agency to make our prototype a reality.

System Ecosystem

Selective Focus Photography of Waterfalls

As part of our continued mapping the Landscape we look into mapping out our organisation’s existing digital systems and identifying any issues that exist (pain points) this is known as a System Ecosystem.

This was quite a daunting process as we have some many different services and systems. However again it became easier when I scaled it back to just the Systems used in supporting New Direct Payment referrals. 

It did however raise a concern I have had since starting this program that we are also currently in the process of introducing a new WECIL wide CRM (Customer Relationship management) Database. I was reassured that this would not be a problem for developing a digital solution prototype as even if the Database was not fully functional, we could just state that the desired solution would have integration with the Database even if this was not demonstrable during the 10 week program. 

Open Innovation in Practice


Photo by carlos aranda on Unsplash

In this session we talked about Agile development which is a way of working often used for Digital programs.

 Agile refers to a set of “methods and practices based on the values and principles around collaboration, self-organization, and cross functionality of teams.

By working in this way you take complex problems, prioritise them into individual tasks, then delegate those tasks to the team member best suited to solve each one. 

There is a lot of technical Jargon used in this approach, terms such as Backlog, Bottleneck, Epics, Iterative, Retrospective, Sprint, Stakeholder, Time boxing and User stories.

Agile Terminology Glossary

I am pleased to say I knew most of these terms from the Systems Thinking approach we use at WECIL .

I was not surprised when I later read that Agile just like Systems thinking takes a lot of its inspiration from the ways of working developed by Japanese companies like Toyota, Fuji, and Honda in the 70’s and 80’s.

1st March to 5th March 2021 – Matt Young

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