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Catalyst Digital Discovery Program (Wk 4)

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Content / Programme Audits

Working in a group

It’s all very well having a new digital solution, but it’s all too easy to end up with no content to use with it. In this session we considered Content and how to make sure your content is fit for purpose. We were introduced to a simple 5 step strategy:

1. Content plan – Align the topics of your content with the needs of your users.

2. Content audit – Go through the content you already have in place, what can stay, what need to be updated and what new content is needed? 

3. Production plan – Who is going to make the new content and what format and types of content will you use.

4. Performance measures – Check that the content you are putting out is effective for your end user.

5. Distribution plan – how are going you get your content out

I feel the content for our digital onboarding solution should be relatively straight forward, however the Content Strategy will be something I would like to put in the Zombie Garden to revisit in the future as it will be really useful when thinking about Website and Social media content.

Defining our MLP

Throughout this process WECIL have had our Big Hairy Audacious Goal BHAG -The Digital Interface for Onboarding new users and we have been constantly rethinking and scaling back what I plan to do to achieve this in the time frame of the project.

In this session we learnt about Minimum Lovable Product (MLP) which is the term used for the version of a new product that brings back the maximum amount of love from your user (persona spectrum) with the least effort.

To establish our MLP we used a Jamboard to arrange the problems we face based on how useful it would be to resolve them and how feasible it would be to resolve them in the confines of this 10 week project.

From this prioritisation we were able to create our How might we Statement which will be the design brief of our  Prototype. The WECIL-How might we? How might we make the registration process digital (paperless) and make it easy to complete without staff involvement.

Fast 5s

Clear Light Bulb on Black Surface

The Fast?5’s was a really useful exercise in quick creative thinking.  

We divided a piece of paper into 6 and wrote our  ‘How Might We Statement’ in the first box. 

We then had to come up with 5 ideas that may work towards solving the statement, only spending a couple of minutes on each idea. 

C:\Users\Matthew.Young\Pictures\Camera Roll\Fast 5s.jpg

8th March to 12th March 2021 – Matt Young

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