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Catalyst Digital Discovery Program (Wk 5)

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Focussing and Design constraints

In this session we used the below template to focus our MLP and consider its design constraints by defining how our MLP helps our users, what it does and the benefits it provides.

and developed our own

Service BluePrint

Instruments prepared for measurements in house

We then had a session about creating a Service Blueprint for our MLP. A Service Blueprint is a flow chart which shows the service delivery process from the customer’s perspective. 

We were shown the example of a restaurant and then a food truck. Both services provide food however there were many more stages to the Restaurant Service Blueprint. The two BluePrints were a really good visual for helping me think about Minimum Lovable Product and that once you are able to bring your service to the customer you can then scale it up from a Food Truck to a Restaurant. 

Paper Prototype

In this session we made a paper Prototype in the Form of a Zine. 

Basically a small paper booklet with 8 pages that explains to colleagues and potential users the basic idea of the Prototype we are designing concluding with what the Prototype will achieve.

This was a really useful task to get you focusing on what is important.

I showed the zine to some of the Direct payment advisors and they thought it was very clear what we plan to prototype. and were keen for it to happen.

15th March to 19th March 2021 – Matthew Young

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