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Catalyst Digital Discovery Program (Wk 6)

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White Diagram Paper Under Pliers

User Research

This week we started to create Prototypes of our digital Solution with the aim to begin user research next week.

I found it really interesting that research shows that you will identify 85% of problems with your solution if you do user research with just 5 people. 

We discussed the different kinds of user research.

  1. Interviews
  2. Focus Groups
  3. Surveys
  4. Diary Studies ( Getting users to record a diary of their experience)
  5. User testing

Clickable Prototypes

We then started the really exciting part of the program, actually developing the prototype. In the first session we discussed our plans for the prototype with other charities looking into similar solutions. It was agreed by all that we need to keep it simple and achievable in the 10 week program and that we can always demonstrate how the solution can be scaled up in reality.

Our solution is to create a digital registration system for New Direct Payment Referrals. This currently can involve up to 16 different pieces of paper work depending on which service the user is going to receive and their individual circumstances. 

It is hoped the Digital system will streamline the process to some degree, however it is unlikely we could develop a fully operations system that covers all eventualities in the 10 weeks of this program, so I was advised to create a scaled back version of the Digital Solution which can demonstrate the potential of the solution. 

In the next session we looked at some Form creating/hosting Websites and identified as being the platform in which we would like to develop the Prototype. 

The user interface is clean and should make it easy to follow and complete. It is free to use if you have less than 100 users in a Month. 

It allows for the form to branch off in different directions depending on how the users answers the questions. Excitingly it can be used to take payments for services,  currently setting up payments for Direct Payment support can be a problem for some of our users. Although when I discussed this with the WECIL finance manager he questioned if this was just one off payments or if it could set up recurring payments. 

When trying out Type Form it became clear that it would be useful to fully understand the current registration system, so I spent the rest of the  session mapping out the current stages of registration into a flow chart using which is a platform that allows you to collaborate with others to create Documents, Flow charts, wire frames mind maps etc.  I am going to work on this document with the Direct payments advisors and use it to establish what questions should be used for the Protype registration form on Type Form that will best demonstrate the potential of Digital Registration.I then intend to uses Users testing to see if the system can be navigated by users without the need for staff support.

22nd March to 26th March 2021 – Matt Young

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