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In November of last year we launched the WECIL VIP Community Fund.

A group of volunteers (all of whom identified as disabled) reviewed and awarded grants to applicants. We are pleased to announce the successful projects as follows:


Art in Motion (AIM) is a not-for-profit participatory arts organisation based in Bristol, UK. AIM projects provide opportunities for artists with learning disabilities to develop their creative practice, expand their creativity and share work publicly.

Pages – The Sketchbook Project

Sketchbooks are a great way to stay creative and to collect your thoughts, feelings and ideas.

AIM will be issuing sketchbooks to individuals and groups across the city along with accessible worksheets suggesting ideas and themes to help you get started. Tere will also be the opportunity to share the finished sketchbooks in the future with are community of artists as part of AIM’s Mobile Art Resource which is due to be launched in May 2021.

Paul’s Place

Paul’s Place is a charity that enhances life for disabled adults.

Pauls Place provides social activities that connect people, reduce isolation, improve health and wellbeing, and give people the opportunity to develop new skills, enjoy new experiences and live life to the full.

Paul’s Place was established in 1995 when a group of disabled adults got together to create a social club that they could access. Paul was the name of a founder member who sadly died before the club had its’ first meeting.  In his memory, the other group members decided to call the club Paul’s Place.

Over the last 25 years, Paul’s Place has evolved into a weekly service where support is given to disabled adults through a variety of projects. 

Covid Voices Project

Paul’s Place will be recording community stories to share with others and tell people about Paul’s Place. This project will support disabled community members to have their voices heard and stories told to a wider population, providing a unique perspective of a year that has been particularly challenging for disabled people.

The WECIL Community Fund will fund a professional interviewer to help support members of their Advisory Group to record and tell their stories. 


Khaas is the only service of its kind in the South West that has worked across the Bristol area delivering services to improve the lives of disabled children, their carers and families for over 25 years. The services include a range of recreational respite and educational activities for children and their families, which are offered alongside support and information services.

The organisation was formed in response to research undertaken in the Asian community by Health, Social and Asian community workers. The research identified specific needs of the families, who felt isolated by language and cultural barriers.


The WECIL VIP Community Fund awarded £400 to Khaas to purchase a laptop. The laptop was much needed as staff are working remotely and need access to equipment in order to deliver their work.

Umbrella Music

Umbrella Music is an organisation focused on the health benefits of the music group. Umbrella Music believes that singing and music can:

  • Reduce stress anxiety and depression
  • Improve mental health and mental fitness
  • Increase confidence and social well being

Umbrella Music is ran by Kate Staniforth, an experienced singing teacher. Her groups are designed to be fully inclusive for disabled people and have also been developed to support people who reside in Care Homes.

Singing for Wellness

The WECIL VIP Community fund, funded 10 inclusive online ‘Singing for Wellness’ sessions which began in March and ended in May. During the sessions participants learnt vocal techniques, songs and enjoyed the health benefits of signing.

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