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Disability Equality Training

This informative, thought-provoking and forward-thinking course will allow you to make the first steps towards becoming a Disability Confident Employer.

Our trainers

David Miles

David Miles is an experienced Trainer and advocate for the Social Model of Disability. He has been a Disabled Person since birth and worked as a Nurse and Social Worker.  He is passionate about Disability Rights yet has a realistic approach in that he listens to those who face challenges with understanding about the barriers people face in society.  He is able to facilitate discussions as to find ways around these challenges.


“LC has been passionate about disability rights since their teenage years. Through their personal experience of being disabled and feeling part of the disabled community, they have developed a sharp understanding of the issues we face.

LC is keen to ensure disabled people’s rights are respected so we can be part of a more equal society. Working as a trainer is an approach which is helpful in catalysing systemic change by giving more organisations the knowledge and self-reflection they need to include disabled people in the workplace. By facilitating open discussions, we can start to break down barriers.

Additionally, LC is passionate about making individual, measurable differences through helping disabled people to advocate for themselves.”

Learning Outcomes

The outcomes below are part of our core learning experience. Other learning outcomes highlighted by the participating organisation can be added by request and based upon the needs of the organisation.

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“It really was excellent training; the trainers were so knowledgeable, pitched the issues around terminology and language at just the right level for a varied group of colleagues. They made sure people were comfortable and equipped to ask questions.

The presentation and group work activities enabled people to challenge their attitudes and understanding in a relaxed and supportive way. It provided a real clarity on looking at the barriers that exist for people living with a disability and what we can all do to challenge and support our teams.
As Access & Inclusion Lead, I also learned a huge amount…Thank you WECIL – this was excellent training that has had a real impact on those who attended.”

Fiona Spence, access & Inclusion Lead, Bristol Community Health

“Bristol WORKS have commissioned WECIL to deliver Disability Equality Training across the last two years now. We contacted WECIL because we wanted high quality information and support for employers and organisations we work with who can feel empowered to work with our diverse range of young people and have practical ideas to take forward. WECIL have more than delivered on this – the sessions have been thought provoking, engaging and have created a safe space for employers and individuals to ask questions, receive guidance and develop their practice.

All trainers have been well informed, passionate and have kept the session interactive – even virtually! All of the feedback has been hugely positive where people really mention how comfortable they felt in exploring how they can develop, learn and take the learning to a practical stage in their working world.”

Hayley Galpin, Bristol City Council 

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