WECIL is excited to be participating in the new government Kickstart scheme.

In September 2020 the government introduced a £2 billion fund to create high quality 6-month work placements for people aged 16-24 who are:

on Universal Credit, and at risk of long-term unemployment

The funding will cover:

Find more information about the Kickstart scheme go to: www.bristol.gov.uk/business-support-advice/guide-to-the-bristol-kickstart-scheme

Our support

As well as offering work placements WECIL is working in partnership with Bristol City Council to support employers who are taking part in the scheme to offer accessible work placements to disabled young people.

Each employer is paid £1500 towards the costs of employing them.  All employers who offer a Kickstart placement are required to provide the young person with job training and support which helps the young person develop their skills with the aim of helping them move into sustained employment.

As a Kickstart Gateway, Bristol City Council in conjunction with WECIL, is able to fulfil this requirement for disabled young people for a fee of £500 (taken from the £1500 allocation). 

One of the requirements of the scheme is that all young people get support to look for long-term work, career advice and CV and interview support.

Our experienced Employability Team at WECIL will be available to support both employers and disabled young people participating on Kickstart.


All disabled young people on Kickstart will access WECILs 6-week online employability course 2hrs once a week split into 3 sessions at the start of their placement and 3 sessions towards the end of their placement.

The young people will develop confidence in job-seeking by gaining a better understanding of reasonable adjustments and Access to Work, understand their individual support needs in the work place whilst gaining current employment, support to improve their CVs, cover letters, disclosure letters and assistance with future job applications.

They can also access ongoing peer support through weekly click in and chat sessions as well as ongoing ad hoc 121 support with applications and interview preparation post placement.


Employers and their workforce will gain confidence to employ and work with someone who identifies as being a disabled person, to understand reasonable adjustments and the value of having a diverse work force.

WECIL’s specialist experienced employability and in work support team will provide a support system for employers and disabled young people entering into a KickStart work placement opportunity. We will advise on the support that is available, such as Access to Work and reasonable adjustments, as well as helping the young people to gain confidence in navigating conversations with employers. The employers will also receive support tailored to their needs so they feel confident in their ability to support the participant to succeed. Improving awareness of the rights that disabled people have in the workplace.

We will offer a consultation with the employer and disabled young person prior to the start of the placement to discuss reasonable adjustments and Access to Work.

Interim advice will be available should additional barriers be identified and reasonable adjustments or support needs, need to be adjusted during the placement.

For more information on how WECIL can support you please contact Alison Browning on alison.browning@wecil.co.uk

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