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workASSURED is a service providing advice and support to employees who identify as Disabled or who have a long term health condition and to their manager(s) and HR to remove in-work barriers that are disabling the staff member to enable the individual to fulfil their job role, improving job retention and reducing frequency of disability related tribunals. Our support extends to assisting with Access to Work claims, Wellness Action Plans (WAPs) and stress risk assessments as well as advising on recruitment practices.

How can workASSURED support your business?

workASSURED follows the Social Model of Disability and focusses on the INDIVUDUAL’S own experiences, requirements and environment. We do not carry out medical assessments and do not make assumptions based on medical diagnosis.

Many employers recognise the benefits of adapting their workplace to be inclusive for both staff and business performance. In many cases the barriers employers face to their good intentions of adopting inclusive work practices are rooted in a lack of awareness of how to implement reasonable adjustments. Recent research evidences that 31% of employers felt the cost, and 19% the inconvenience , of making reasonable adjustments would be prohibitive. workASSURED assists both manager and staff to understand what is a reasonable adjustment and the impact of the required adjustments. We will help staff and managers to submit Access to Work claims where the support required goes beyond what is reasonable for the employer to fund.

Feedback and impact statements

October 2018 staff member supported by the service – “my sickness has dropped to a third of its original level this time last year – absolutely thanks to being able to work from home. I cannot express how grateful I am for this, as it’s really had an amazing impact on my life”

December 2019 manager of a staff member that was supported by the service – “I’d like to thank ** on the excellent help and proactive work that she’s undertaken to help me support a member of staff in returning from work following long term sickness. Without ** I could see the employee we were working with may have either resigned from ****or **** may have needed to defend their decisions at an employment tribunal. ** has offered support to both the employee and the manager of the employee. ** left no stone unturned and suggested small, inexpensive, but extremely effective, changes to perception and procedures which has had a life changing effect on the employee. All of this has taken place in a short period of time.”

Oct 2020 – ‘After changes in my medication whilst I was still in my probation period, my health conditions meant that I was experiencing difficulties with getting into work. WECIL liaised with my employer and supported me whilst I was under the care of medical consultants. I have now successfully passed my probation and my health has greatly improved.’ 

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Meet the advisors

Claire Ashcroft – ‘I’m Claire, I have a MA in Human Resource Management and I have worked in the employment sector for a number of years specialising in the employment and retention of Disabled people in the work place. As a Disabled person myself I understand the challenges faced by Disabled people in the work place and how receiving support to find a job and then continued support during a role is so important.

I enjoy supporting people to get the reasonable adjustments they require so they are able to do their job to the best of their ability. When I’m not working I enjoy being mum to my young family and I also enjoy going skiing, swimming and day trips.’

Katie Houlden – I’m Katie, I have over 20 years of experience in Health and Disability. My passion is people and I love to support encourage and enable people to achieve their full potential in work and everyday life.

Being part of the WECIL Work Assured Team has given me the opportunity to support and help so many people to retain employment and feel included. My role allows me to recommend adjustments, equipment and engage regularly with Managers HR and employees.

I love spending free time with my husband and two girls. I enjoy warm sunny days, gardening, cooking and holidays in Devon.

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