Catalyst Digital Discovery Program (Wk 6)

User Research This week we started to create Prototypes of our digital Solution with the aim to begin user research next week. I found it really interesting that research shows that you will identify 85% of problems with your solution if you do user research with just 5 people.  We discussed the different kinds of […]

Catalyst Digital Discovery Program (Wk 5)

Focussing and Design constraints In this session we used the below template to focus our MLP and consider its design constraints by defining how our MLP helps our users, what it does and the benefits it provides. and developed our own Service BluePrint We then had a session about creating a Service Blueprint for our […]

Catalyst Digital Discovery Program (Wk 4)

Content / Programme Audits It’s all very well having a new digital solution, but it’s all too easy to end up with no content to use with it. In this session we considered Content and how to make sure your content is fit for purpose. We were introduced to a simple 5 step strategy: 1. […]

Catalyst Digital Discovery Program (Wk 3)

Playback Templates & P2P reviews Even Though this is only the start of Week 3 of a 10 Week program we have already covered a lot. So it was really good to be given a Playback template where we can record everything we have done in one place. Essentially it will become a Slide Show […]

Catalyst Digital Discovery Program (Wk 2)

Version 1.0 and the Zombie Garden –  It is quickly dawning on everyone on this program that there are a lot of new ideas to get your head around in a short space of time. Two suggestions from the team at We are Open really helped with this.  Version 1.0 – Basically your first attempt […]

Catalyst Digital Discovery Program (Wk1)

This week saw the official Kick off of the Catalyst Definition Programme. We had already had a welcome session back in January, where all the charities were welcomed to the program before being put into their cohorts. I remember it was busy meeting with nearly 200 people on the Zoom meeting. It was good to […]

WECIL’s Digital journey – The Blog

Welcome to our new blog which will tell the story of how we are working to improve WECIL services by exploring Digital technology.  We are starting this blog as a way to ‘Work in the open’, which is a new concept to myself. WECIL have always been open about the work we do, but the […]