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Voice and Influence

Ensuring the voices of Disabled people are heard.

WECIL are working with The Voice and Influence Partnership to make sure that the voice of Disabled people in Bristol is represented. We believe that this is extremely important for the Disabled community to participate in the decisions that affect their lives.

By becoming a member you will

  • Find out about consultations that may impact you and the way you live your life
  • Have a say about important decisions 
  • Meet new people
  • Feel more involved with the community

To become a member of The Voice and Influence Partnership you can simply complete the form below and we will inform you about upcoming consultations that may affect you. You can chose which ones you would like to participate in and you can submit feedback online, in person or over the phone. 

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Read our Frequently Asked Questions you can also email us: or call us now on: 0117 947 9911

The Voice and Influence Partnership has been set up to support individuals, groups and communities whose voices are not always heard so that they can have their say in shaping Bristol’s future.

WECIL are working with The Voice and Influence Partnership to make sure that the voice of disabled people in Bristol is represented.

We engage, consult and listen to Disabled people to promote positive changes that contribute to creating a more inclusive society.

The voices that we collect influence decisions that are made, by the people who make them. We are proud to work with a broad range of communities of different ages to reflect the wider community. You can find out more about how we engage with the community in the drop down menus below. 


A regular forum group for young disabled people in Bristol aged 13-19 years old, or with learning difficulties up to age 25. Young people are encouraged to have their say and learn about their rights, with guest speakers and workshops across a range of topics. The group is also regularly consulted by the local council, and involved in projects with other local organisations.

City Centre

Monday evenings 7.00pm – 9.00pm

The Station, BS1 2AG

Please be aware that these sessions do not run every week, and currently due to Covid-19 they have been postponed. 

You can find out more about The Listening Partnership by contacting us directly: Telephone: 01179179911

Find out more about The Listening Partnership

BPAC began life as a Bristol City Council (BCC) entity some 18 years ago. The 1993 Disabled Persons Act, which required local authorities and businesses to change the way they catered for people with a disability. Many local authorities introduced the role of Access Officer, Bristol’s being Eamon McClelland.

The group was made up of people with various disabilities, giving it a good understanding of the needs of various people. Training was organised and group members were taught to read plans and undertake access audits. One of BPAC’s first audits was the S. S. Great Britain, which was a great success. In the early days, the group worked mainly on public buildings, which included having a ramp put in at the rear of the central library.

The group members need to have extensive knowledge of building regulations, planning and highways. Ongoing training is therefore essential and group members are happy to undertake such training when it’s offered. BPAC’s never ending mantra is, get it right in the first place and save money later by not having to retrofit anything. Colour contrast and corridor widths are matters that designers and architects may not think of, but BPAC does.

The group has been involved with the development of many iconic Bristol buildings, from the Colston Hall to City Hall itself. Making the built environment better for Bristol’s disabled communities is BPAC’s main objective and its move to WECIL will ensure it can continue its work for many years to come.

Phil Gingell

Chair – Bristol Physical Access Chain.

To get in contact with BPAC, please email: and include BPAC in the subject line.

Our Youth Board was formed in 2018 and consists of four members, Tiana, Lettie, Rob and Aaron. The Youth Trustee Board play a key role in shaping the way we deliver our services, providing a valuable perspective on the needs of young disabled people in Bristol.      
  • To provide a voice for young disabled people in Bristol. 
  • Helping to improve the lives of young disabled people in Bristol.
  • Identifying barriers that young disabled people face.
  • To engage with consultations on services that affect young disabled people.



  • To advise WECIL Senior Trustee Board on how to engage and include young disabled people into the WECIL Community.
  • To advise the WECIL Senior Board on strategy so that their services meet the needs of young disabled people.
  • Collaborating with the Listening Partnership and Youth Services participants, to promote the voice of young disabled people.
  • To support and advise the WECIL bid writing team on bids for services that impact young disabled people.
  • To act as an ambassador for the WECIL Community and for the rights of young disabled people.
  • Sitting on WECIL interview panels to support with staff recruitment.
  • Supporting and mentoring new Youth Trustee Board members.

Experts by experience is a group led by people with lived experience of disability. The group advise businesses and local organisation about how they can improve the accessibility for disabled people. 

The group have previously consulted with:

  • First Bus
  • Great Western Railway
  • Bristol Airport
  • Bristol is Open – Programmable Cities
  • University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust
  • Bristol Old Vic
  • Bristol City Council


Mobile: 07973686001

Open Consultations

Taxi Accessibility Survey

WECIL is working with the Taxi Forum to ensure taxi usage is accessible and safe to the widest range of people.

Taxi Accessibility Survey:

By completing this survey you will help us gather data which will be presented to taxi companies and Council policy makers.

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