Befriending volunteering roles

Build your confidence, skills and find rewarding opportunities.

Volunteering at WECIL is a great opportunity to gain new skills, learn about what we do and contribute positively to the lives of Disabled people.

We will pay for any out of pocket expenses and we will aim to ensure that as a volunteer:

  • Your time, skills and experience will be used well
  • Your work will be appreciated and recognised
  • You will be provided with information and guidance to carry out your volunteer role
  • Your access needs will be met; our offices are accessible buildings and we will make reasonable adjustments as required

We are looking for adults aged 18+ to volunteer 2-3 hours a week to support a Disabled child or young person across Bristol and B&NEs.

Time2Share@WECIL’s Befriending Service links volunteers 1:1 with a Disabled child/young person. Links are based on shared interests and activities which the volunteer and young person can enjoy doing together.

Our volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds and ages, you do not need previous experience working with children or Disabled people to become a befriender – you just need to be committed, reliable and fun!