Train The Competent

Train the Competent logo and ERASMUS logo

WECIL have been working with eight other disability organisations across Europe on an exciting, collaborative project called Train the Competent. Following a successful joint bid to Erasmus, the partner organisations have been sharing their expertise and ideas to improve the employability chances of disabled adults.

The project contributes to improve the employability chances of disabled adults by providing them a modular training to develop their skills and competences to become co-trainers. 

The nine different organisations involved, share the same goal, with diverse practices, expertise and a socioeconomic background, they aim to develop, test and apply an innovative methodology to create improve the employability chances of disabled adults by providing them a modular training to become (co-)trainers.

Key Partners: 

  • Lead organization – Salva Vita Foundation, Hungary
  • AESD – Asociatia Prntru Educatie Si Dezvoltare Durabila, Romania
  • CRPG – Centro de Reabilitacao Profissional de Gaia, Portugalia
  • ESAT du Rangen / Association au fil de la Vie, France
  • FONIX AS, Norway
  • Idryma Prostasias Aprosarmoston Paidon I Theotokos Theotokos Foundation, Greece
  • PUZW Polish Union of Supported Employment, Poland
  • Tolerance -Training Ltd., Hungary
  • WECIL Ltd., UK

The project will contribute to improve the employability chances of disabled by providing them a modular training to become (co-)trainers. The new skills and knowledge will broaden their job opportunities and expand their possibilities for active and fulfilled lives. At the same time, participants will be able to support their peers towards the labour market and also those professional awareness raising equality training / awareness programs designed for employers, HR professionals, decision makers that are proven to be a major step towards successful employability of the population with disabilities

1. The “Train the trainer” guideline will be elaborated for professionals and adult educators/trainers to prepare them to train disabled participants (target group) to become professional co-trainers or peer supporters. The elaborated training guide will enable professionals/trainers/educators to provide a modular training for a group of disabled learners, and these professionals will also be trained to adapt the training material to the different participants, local context/circumstances.


2. The “Train the co-trainer” training curriculum will be elaborated for disabled co-trainers. Project partners share the idea that awareness raising trainings concerning disability issues to be authentic the training should be presented by disabled people, wherever this is possible. The partners will therefore elaborate and test a training curriculum to prepare disabled people to train and support their fellows, and to become professional, experienced co-trainers. The training material will be elaborated in a way to improve their skills and competences of the participants so that they become confident, well prepared authentic co-trainers.